JewelryByBelieve - Eclectic Handmade and Boutique Theme Jewelry

This one we called Dragonfly love, a Heart clasp, with a dragonfly added to the end. A love charm and bracelet surround with purple and crystal beads.

Start with a perfect size chain, pick out a clasp, ends, accents, and charms. The bracelet will then be assembled with jump rings attaching all your favorite pieces, while you select the perfect beads and charms to surround your bracelet. Then using the beads of your choice a one of a kind design will be made, making your bracelet special just for you. 

A Love Theme Bracelet
small heart clasp
Small circle crystal link
Love charm
Red X Kiss beads
Love Beads
Red and black accent beads.

Think Pink Bracelet

Special Clasp
Pink Ribbon Charm
Pink Ribbon Beads
Pink and Crystal accent beads

Think Spring Bracelet

Flower Clasp
Flower beads
Pastel beads

I Love Purple Bracelet

Flower Clasp
Variations of purples
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